Women in Social Media

It is the last of day of Women’s History Month.

Every March, we take the time to reflect on how women in history have made amazing progress and about the work left to do.

As reported in Business Insider, “In the US, gender, income, and education have little impact on whether or not someone uses social media. But these factors do have a big impact on which social networks people opt to use.”

Forbes Magazine announces a list of Top Social Media Women Influencers every other year or so. It’s time for a new one. It is hard to balance the amazing work done both in agency and inside industry models. Someone made a Pinterest Board of a recent list.

women in social media

So, who are the smart women in social media?

As I’ve used Twitter over the years, I’ve built a list I call Smart Women in Social Media. There are currently 152 women on the list and whenever I need a bit of lift, I pull up the list to see what these amazing women are tweeting.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I encourage you to listen to these voices today. Subscribe to the list and let me know if you think someone should be added!