Why Your Business Should Post More Video Content

Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly bombarded by brand messaging.

Think about it. Where there’s a sturdy surface, there’s likely an advertisement on it. Billboards, signage, magazines, vehicles, commercials, social media. The list goes on.

While this should make reaching potential consumers easier, it’s actually making it harder. We’re becoming accustomed to seeing ads everywhere making each one less noticeable. What once was an eye-catching wrapped vehicle now blends into Monday traffic. It’s like our eyes are building an immunity to the overpopulated ad space.

So as a business trying to stand out in the crowded marketplace, what’s the best way to spread your campaign like the flu?

The answer is one simple word: video.

Here’s why:

Video Captures Attention

Organic reach chart showing video performs better than other content

Imagine your ideal consumer is using their phone right now. They probably are.

They’re scrolling through one of the four social media apps on their device, seeing this:

Photo, Photo, short status, short status, long status, link, inspirational quote, photo, blah, blah, blah.

Just as they think to exit the app, something shiny catches their eye – a gloriously low resolution video of their favorite band at last night’s concert. Sure, it’s practically inaudible due to the screaming fans and the footage is dark and grainy, but it doesn’t even matter. And that’s exactly the point. Even an imperfect video stops us dead in our tracks. That’s because in a feed flooded with photos and text, video stands out.

Video Keeps Attention

Smiling man watching interesting video

Not only does it stand out, but video holds the viewer’s attention. Unlike text or photos, the scene is constantly moving, boasting endless opportunities of what could happen next. This can keep the consumer on your website longer, boost your SEO rankings with Google, leave a lasting impression on the viewer, develop a personal bond to your brand, and even convert them to real rubberbandable currency.

Video is Easy

Hand hitting easy button

Sure, you can spend oodles of dollars to hire a 36-person production team to make a cinematic commercial about your products or services that would put a Transformers movie to shame. But thankfully, we don’t have to anymore. We carry these little movie cameras around in our pockets (they also double as telephones) that can get the job done just fine.

Of course we shouldn’t settle for poor quality but it’s amazing what you can do with what you already have! We don’t live in the dinosaur ages anymore so there’s no reason that know-how should hinder you from engaging with your consumers. It’s never been easier to assemble a marketable message via video.

Video is Versatile

You can make miles and miles of content with your footage. One video shoot can supply you with enough to tell multiple messages. With some editing, Instagram Stories can be repurposed for Facebook (see video above). Reject clips of video projects can be used as behind-the-scenes shorts to give your viewer the inside scoop.

Once you have a few videos to share, you can even create new written content based on those projects. The possibilities are truly endless.

Video is Efficient

watermelon exploding

Need to get rid of unnecessary info from your promo video? Trim it. Need to tactically explain a complicated graph? Voiceover. Need an explosion to emphasize a point? Well, we can’t give away all our secrets….

Moral of the story, there’s no more effective medium on the internet than video. You can say a heckuva lot in a quick 2-minute video presentation.

Video is Growing

man holding video camera to his eye

As video performs better and better in the online advertising world, it’s evident that it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact it’s only growing. Cisco claims that by 2019, 80% of Internet content will contain video.

Facebook algorithms are favoring native video uploads, Instagram Stories boost users’ relevance, and Twitter live streams important current events like political debates and sports games. At this rate, if you’re not producing video content for your consumers, you’re falling behind.

How can your business utilize video content?