Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Twitter (Yet)

If you’re one to keep up with the stock market, you may have noticed that Twitter’s shares are on the decline.

Twitter icons

When asked to comment on the situation, CEO Jack Dorsey provided several reasons as to why the social media platform didn’t grow as expected. Not only did advertising efforts, such as their “promoted tweets” feature, not bring in brands’ ad spend, user attention shifted from text posts to video content (thanks again, Facebook).

Whether you are a social media marketer yourself, or your brand has a presence on Twitter, you may find yourself sweating this quarterly report. However, we’re here to tell you that if there’s one reason why you should not delete your Twitter account, it’s this:

Twitter is still the social media tool optimized for customer service.

When users have questions regarding their favorite brands or companies, they don’t turn to email or customer service phone numbers anymore. Any reputable brand (or at least one with common sense) has a social media team in place ready to answer any Twitter mentions or DMs that occur.

In house, we see this occur daily with our clients. From simple questions, such as the daily specials, to resolving issues (sound familiar?), having a Twitter account is key to keeping your audience informed and happy, even with just 140 characters.

Plus, it’s also important to note that these numbers do not reflect the growth the Twitter community has shown. 5 million more users joined Twitter in the past quarter, demonstrating that this app is still a major player in the game.

So hold on to your accounts, and keep preparing those concise messages. Twitter isn’t going anywhere.