When do I have your attention?

What daily routines do have with your phone?

I lead with that question because I’m playing around with mobile only Facebook ad scheduling during specific times of the day. We have changed many of our campaigns to only run during the evenings and our results have been interesting. We haven’t been doing it long enough to conclusively say, “this works, this doesn’t,” but here’s some thoughts so far!

Think about the daily routines of your fans and when they are the most attentive.

Most 18-24 yr olds have different morning/evening routines than 35-44 yr olds do. Also, 18-24 yr olds focus on their phones for different reasons and during different time periods than other age groups. Think about the times of the day when you transition from desktop to mobile. These are all things to take into consideration when creating content for an audience. You don’t want to blow 3/4 of your daily ad budget during times when your audience doesn’t have time to actually focus on your message.

Every industry, every age group, has their own routine in which they use their devices.

We are consulting with an agency that works in the dental industry. How many people in a dentist office do you think are on their phones vs a desktop computer and what times of the day are they active on those platforms? What is the average age and gender of the dental office manager and owner? If you are targeting those people with content, you have to do more than hit the boost post button on Facebook.

Personally, in the morning I don’t have time to read a long blog post from a brand I don’t follow, even if it’s intriguing. I save it for the evening. However, in the morning I do have time to click ‘like’ or tag a friend on a funny meme of a portable pizza carrying lanyard. There’s also times of the day when I’m only looking at who has engaged with me ie notifications, vs times when I’m seeking information or going on the “death scroll” down my Facebook newsfeed! It’s the perception of time. How much time will it take me to consume or engage with content given my current mindset ie “what do I have to do next?”

Just some thoughts to think about the combination of content and the daily routines of your audience and how to optimize your ad spend. How have you experimented with running Facebook ads during specific times of the day? Does the type of content you serve change based on when the ads are running?