What iPhone Photo Apps To Use

There are a lot of great iPhone Photo Apps to choose from.

A simple search under “photo” in the App Store came back with a search result of 2199 and “camera” shows 2197.

I count twenty-one on my iPhone/iPad right now! Ryan probably has a dozen more. The more you use the apps the more fun there is to have. The creativity and uniqueness come in the layering use of many apps on one photo.

A useful resource for understanding the amazing opportunities using Camera+ / Camera+Pro and SnapSeed are covered in fellow Nashvillian, Dave Molnar’s eBook iPhoneOnly. Get a free download of the book HERE.

In this video we look at Hipstamatic and WordSwag for quick photos for social media platforms on the run.

photo editing tool

photo editing tool

“Always know where the light is coming from.”

— Nancy’s mom

-Nancy VanReece

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