Ways To Integrate Facebook Live Into Your Marketing Plan

Facebook Live is the latest Mark Zuckerberg development taking the social media world by storm, and it’s going to impact digital marketing strategies everywhere.

facebook live camera

Earlier this week, Zuckerbeg announced that Facebook would be releasing an API that allows developers to integrate live-streaming on Facebook with their apps. In English, that means that you’ll now be able to live-stream video using a drone. Thanks, DJI.

In response to questions about how Facebook Live will impact how comedians and musicians use the platform’s latest feature, Zuckerburg suggested that the company is looking to share revenue generated from live video with broadcasters.


But what does Facebook Live mean for digital marketers?

It means that social media has (yet again) provided a way for brands to be more immersive and tell its story in a more experiential way.  Here are a few ways that social media marketers can start integrating Facebook Live into their marketing plan.

1. Show behind the scenes footage

Transparent storytelling sets great brands apart from the good ones, and there’s always a story to tell about how and why a brand exists. Facebook Live is the perfect platform to live-stream video content that showcases how a product is made, how a chef plates his famous dish, or how a company gives back to its community.

2. Showcase events

The obvious way to use this live-streaming tool is to share footage of your event. This tool is a perfect fit for concerts, festivals, awards ceremonies, etc.* If you’re worried that live-streaming your event will impact ticket sales, don’t be. If anything, live-streaming an event will instill a sense of FOMO that’s sure to convert next time.

3. Share exclusive content

Use Facebook Live to make your fan base feel exclusive. Next time you host a product launch or a webinar, try live-streaming on Facebook and Facebook only. This will drive traffic to one platform while making your followers feel like VIPs.

4. Demonstrate thought leadership

If you own a service-based business, Facebook Live is a great tool to help set you apart from competitors by demonstrating thought leadership. The next time you write an interesting blog or there’s important news pertaining to your industry, try using Facebook Live to vlog about it.

*Be sure to secure all necessary copyright permission for the use of live or pre-recorded music at any event you choose to live-stream.