Unhappy With Facebook Newsfeed? Change It.

In light of a recent study that Facebook manipulated your newsfeed for science, many people are upset and feel violated.

This adds more anger and frustration to the users that are tired of their Facebook newsfeed looking like spam articles, baby pictures, relationship updates etc.

The user has the ability to tell Facebook what they want to see more of…to an extent. Facebook will use your suggestions to tweak their algorithm for you. After all, they do want you to have a good experience using their product.

Here’s a useful suggestion to tailor your Facebook newsfeed to your liking. Try this out and see if you can tell a difference!

Change your Facebook News Feed

On the top right corner of any piece of content in your newsfeed, click on the drop down arrow and you will see the option to “Make Newsfeed Better”.


Change your Facebook News Feed

Change your Facebook News Feed

Maybe you don’t like seeing pages your friends like. Or maybe you love seeing the brands your friends engage with.

Change your Facebook News Feed

There have been days when this is what my entire newsfeed looks like. If you think it’s annoying, tell Facebook it is.

Let us know if you see a difference in your Facebook newsfeed quality after you do try this!

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