The Unforgettable: Nicole Langlois

Customer service is not a department.

You won’t find it in the company directory.

It’s not a checklist.

It’s not automation.

It’s the elemental building blocks of a company’s DNA, foundation, and culture.

But the only way those elements permeate the exterior walls of a building is if they are embodied by people.  

Nicole Langlois

People, like Nicole Langlois, are the reason why businesses are remembered.

I first started working with Nicole at XMi several months before I met her in person. There was a distinct genuineness and authenticity that radiated from every email I received from her.  At that point, she was already unforgettable.

During the 12 months that I knew Nicole, she helped Parachute Media set up new company entities on payroll. She was the first to introduce me to Jim Phillips, Doug Anderson, and Bob McKown, all of which have helped Parachute Media with new business development. Nicole was integral in setting up our health care benefits and provided resources for our employee handbook and 401k. From property acquisition to janitorial service needs, and everything in between, Nicole was the Swiss Army knife of XMi.

Nicole had been in pain for the better part of a year but you would have never known it by the way she carried herself.She was selfless in her demeanor and gave comfort with her smile. In December of 2016, Nicole was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage four cancer. A month later on January 4, 2017, she passed away.

Product and revenue aside, people build the real legacy of a business. The legacy of Nicole is personified by her customer service. Like the ripple effect of water, anyone that came in contact with her was positively impacted. That impact is why her legacy will always continue because there is a little bit of Nicole in everything we do.


Ryan Carter
Founder/ CEO
Parachute Media