UMG Nashville Team Wins 2017 OMMA

Parachute Media client UMG Nashville was awarded an OMMA for Entertainment: Music at MediaPost Communication’s 2017 Online Marketing Media and Advertising Awards in New York City.

The UMG Nashville team at the 2017 OMMAs.

The award-winning piece was the Instagram campaign that Parachute Media created for Josh Turner’s release of his latest album, Deep South.

The campaign consisted of 6 total posts that, when uploaded, filled the entire home screen of the UMG Nashville Instagram page. Each of the 6 posts featured a portion of the album cover as the cover image, but when a user viewed the post, the image transformed into a video clip of a song on Turner’s newest album. These video clips featured original graphic design work that creatively illustrated the lyrics from Turner’s new songs.

Congratulations, UMG Nashville team!