Twitter Lists – Joyful Noise Reducer

Ryan Carter and I were talking recently about  the importance and our love for Twitter.

We enjoy Twitter for a number of difference reasons. One of my favorite things to do with Twitter is actually; research. I listen on Twitter. I listen through Twitter. I use it as a news feed. I use it for information. I use it for conversation. I use it for a lot of different things.  But, one of the things that makes it most useable to me are, Lists. Twitter Lists are probably the most unsung hero of the platform. Those of us who use them, love them. Those who don’t have a lot of joy ahead.

How do you use Twitter lists?

Before I follow or follow back someone, I decide what list they go on to (maybe more than one) If they do not belong on one of the lists that I have already created, I ask myself if this is someone that is worthy of creating a brand new list. If they don’t fit into any of my existing categories, are they unique enough to start a new list? If not, maybe I’ll reconsider following them at all.
Overtime, I’ve created many lists. You can see some of them in the short video version of this post. What is really exciting is following other people’s lists. Have you made any? I’d love to follow it if it is relevant and in context and something I should develop (as part of my listening strategy).


Also on Twitter, a lot of conversation is happening about the new “Buy Now” button.

It’s going to be exciting to watch. But pay attention advertisers, as lists develop, as people filter out some of the noise down to what they want to hear, be sure you are on those lists.

So how many lists are you on? How many lists have you made? Let’s talk about Twitter Lists.

Leave some in the comments below.

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