Effective Tourism Marketing Made Simple

Effective Tourism Marketing Made Simple

Nashville is the bachelorette party capital of the world, home to many professional sports teams, colleges, and famous music culture. It’s safe to say we have a ton of tourists in Music City at any given time.

Tourism traffic brings a lot of money to Nashville. The SEC Tournament alone brings in over 100,000 attendees a year, and 15.9 million dollars per year for the next twelve years. But, how do you make sure that you reap the benefits of it for your business?

Utilizing Facebook Advertising For Tourists

Facebook’s advertising platform has many creepy metrics of how you can segment people into different groups. One of the creepier ways is to target people who are “out of town”, or “traveling”. These segments target people who are away from their home city, and exhibit traits such as spending habits of tourists, recent location, et cetera.ap swiss replica watch

We have a few tips for making sure that you can communicate your message clearly to them and make the most of your ad spend.

Have a List of Events On Hand

Know what is occurring in your city so you can plan ahead! Different events call for different copy, and imagery. For instance, with the SEC Tournament in town, you would appeal to a different audience than CMA Fest, an NRA Convention, or a teacher’s conference. These events happen all the time, and even knowing estimated attendance can help you identify the amount of people you could advertise to.rolex submariner replica waterproof

Be Careful With Advertisement Placement

SEC Tournament Ad for Edley's Bar-B-Que

It’s okay to be picky when targeting tourists. If the event you’re targeting takes place at Bridgestone Arena, target tourists matching an interest in the convention material (basketball teams, country music, et cetera) and a small geographic area (1 mile radius is the smallest you can do). Specificity raises the cost per engagement, but, can make sure your ads are going to the right people. It’s a trade off.

Editing placements manually can help ensure that tourists are being served advertisements appropriately as well. Making ads mobile specific, for instance, can help reach people who are hungry while out and about and are looking for food nearby. Plus, while you’re on vacation, or away from home, do you use your laptop or phone more? Food for thought. replica watches

The advantage of using Facebook for these ads rather than a different paid platform, such as Yelp, for instance, is the knowledge of how many people are seeing your ads and the ability to turn them on and off at your discretion. You control the creative, the budget, and the placements, no one else.

Take Advantage of Tourists

In a good way, of course. If your business is the type that would benefit from consistent tourist traffic, and it probably is, specific digital marketing strategies can help your business build rapport among travelers as “the place to be”.