Top 5 Free Apps for Social Media Marketers

Happiness inspires productivity.


Or if you’re a social media marketer, great apps inspire productivity. For social media gurus, staying focused and productive throughout the day can often be a difficult feat. Whether you’re a full-time social media marketer who spends days managing campaigns and creating great content, or you have more of a part-time social media workload, it’s vital that your stratagems, ideas, and inspirations are streamlined and organized. Hopefully these 5 apps will help you stay on track and keep you from spending too much time reading Buzzfeed articles about cats or watching videos of sloths getting a bath.

1. Facebook Ads

This app combines the convenience of mobile access in the palm of your hand with simple monitoring of Facebook ad campaigns. While not as in-depth as Facebook Ads Manager on your laptop, it’s a great way to check on how your campaigns are running while you’re brewing coffee or waiting in line for lunch at your favorite food truck. Download for Apple or Android.

2. Facebook Pages Manager

If you work at an agency, efficiently monitoring multiple Facebook pages can be an arduous task. With Facebook Pages Manager, you can log in and access every page you manage, post updates and photos, view and reply to messages, and view the latest page insights. It’s the perfect way to access and manage your pages when you’re on the go. Download for Apple or Android.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management programs out there. If you already have an account, you should definitely download the app. You have the ability to schedule posts for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts, as well as review different feeds for each. It’s a great resource for Twitter in particular, because you can view mentions, retweets, messages, and customized searches while on the go. While you can’t post directly to Instagram with this app, you can schedule content and receive a notification on your phone when it’s time to post. Download for Apple or Android.

4. Todoist

Sometimes a pen and pad of paper just doesn’t cut it when you’re making a to-do list. Seeing as social media marketers are eternally glued to electronic devices, it makes sense to have a list of tasks organized on a digital platform. You can schedule times and recurring dates for tasks, categorize them by color and project, and assign tasks to members of your team. And the best part? With every task you complete, you accumulate points that make up your Todoist Karma. Your successes are visualized in a beautiful graph and you get an inspiring message every time you complete your to-do list. Download for Apple or Android.

5. Pocket

When you’re constantly on the Internet, it’s impossible to not come across an article or video that strikes your fancy. But if you’re trying to bump up your Todoist Karma, there’s an app that allows you to save an article, blog, or video so that you can view it later. The best part? When you view it later you can do so offline and on any device. Download for Apple or Android or Google Chrome.