Tinder: Swipe To The Left, Swipe To The Right

Last week I was swiping my life away on Tinder and I ran across a familiar face. Do you recognize her?

Tinder - Mindy

It’s Mindy Lahari.

Tinder. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve used Tinder before….for professional purposes only of course. Too many selfies? Swipe left. If I can’t tell which one you are? Swipe left. Boobs hanging out and alcohol everywhere? Swipe left. Duck face, chicken elbow? Swipe left.

Ok so maybe I’ve used it for personal reasons as well.

Last week I was swiping my life away on Tinder and I ran across a familiar face. Do you recognize her? It’s Mindy Lahari. Most notably for her role in The Office. Why would she be on Tinder? No, she’s not looking for love. Or is she? When in doubt, swipe to the right and see what happens. (that means you’re interested.)

It’s a match!

What do I do now? She obviously swiped to the right as well so I guess there’s a mutual attraction. I mean, who can resist my dog Cooper?!

Sadly, this does not end with me falling in love with a movie star on Tinder. Dang. So close…

Tinder - Mindy

Mindy Lahari has a new show coming out on Fox called The Mindy Project. I think this is her first role as a solo personality and she probably wants to make sure she has ratings that will keep her on for more than one season. What better way to capture the coveted 18-34 demographic than using the latest app and technology trends…like Tinder. Tinder has long been painted as a hook up app. To me it seems more like an easy way to meet new people. Late this Summer, Tinder boasted 100 million matches and 7.5 billion profile ratings from its constantly growing base of users.

“At first around 75 to 80% of our users were 18-24, now 67% are 18-24 and we are seeing more in the 25-34 range joining,” Founder Justin Mateen

Mindy uses Tinder to bring exclusive content to the age demographic she desires for her show. Tinder allows you to select your

interest (male or female), age range, and distance from your phone. Mindy, and I want so badly to believe it really is Mindy, swipes to the right on everyone that comes up. When she gets a match, she sends them a message. The message is tailored for the app and contains exclusive content about her upcoming show. Here’s the link featured in the message: http://youtu.be/78YXPVUOQFg.

Personally, I don’t watch a lot of TV. If Fox regularly advertises The Mindy Project, I’m probably not going to know about it. But I do use social media a lot. Some might say it’s excessive. Whatever. I’ve at least got a legitimate excuse for always being glued to my phone. Here’s what’s happening – People are tired of Facebook. Even our Twitter feeds are getting cluttered because we’re following so many people. Instagram is still fun. Snap chat? If you’re into selfies, it’s really hot right now. Jelly? What? You haven’t heard of Jelly?

Anyways, social media marketers must be in-the-know. They need to feel what their audience is doing, where they’re going, and how they’re spending their time. If something is hot, ride the wave till it crashes on the beach. The Mindy Project was pretty smart for connecting with users on Tinder. It’s a popular app that fits her demographic and it’s not riddled with other brands and advertisers. I’m sure there were many male individuals that did not know who Mindy was. They swiped to the right, got a match, received a message and found out that this wasn’t just anybody. It was Mindy Lahari and she has an upcoming show on Fox.

As the social media landscape constantly changes, what are you doing to position your brand for success and think outside of the box?