Time To Make Something

I believe that all people are made to be creative individuals.

make something creatice

Living an artful life has everything to do with finding ways each day to make something new.  It may be changing a recipe or finding a new one to put your own twist on. The one new thing may be a doodle sketch to watercolor. You may write, you may blog; you may even tend to a plant or two, or a full garden. If you find yourself feeling uncreative, change your situation. Wonderful things only happen when people find a way, find that path, to create.

My trajectory has changed. I’m going to stop trying to get back what worked before and make something new. I just turned 52. According to the marketers, I am supposed to have a retirement plan lining up  and a kid leaving college. I have neither. What I do have is a renaissance mind, something that longs to create new things often.

The surveys all say that as a baby boomer, I may be slower to embrace change than the generation(s) now starting out.  For the record: change makes me tired but I still like it, heck I embrace it!

Something new is about to happen. It’s time to make something.