The Thighfecta of Digital Marketing

Feast your eyes on these ingenious thighs.

Chubbies digital marketing

If you’re a fan of clever marketing and/or an advocate for exposed legs, you should like, follow, subscribe to, bookmark, and bow down to Chubbies.

While these shorts aficionados are constantly dreaming up new, leg-tastic products, they’re also killing it in the digital world. Between social media, email, and their mobile app, Chubbies’ Social Advertising Masterminds are large and in charge and putting all other product advertising strategies to shame.

Social Media

Talk about ads that just won’t quit. They’ve got Facebook retargeting down pat, and you can’t help but note that their ads are the most entertaining out of the millions that Facebook users see every day. Masters of wit and somehow making everyone (regardless of gender) embrace their inner frat guy, Chubbies has perfected their content game. Go ahead and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’re welcome.

Chubbies digital marketing

Email Marketing

One could say they’re revolutionizing email marketing for millennials. I’ve never seen any other brand take more advantage of the fact that you can change the name of the email sender. Exhibit A:

Chubbies digital marketing

Whoa. Eye-catching to say the least, their email marketing strategy is perfect for their target audience. Every few days, they deliver an email comprised of gifs and clever phrasing that make you forget you’re actually being sold to. If you don’t giggle or snort at every one of their emails, you may not be human.

Mobile App

Everyone has an app these days. But how do you get more downloads? How do you justify the however-many gigs of used storage during a time when “upgrade your storage plan” notifications are running rampant? By offering daily app-exclusive products, of course. Do you want the Paul Simon approved (probably) Toucan Call Me Al shirt? Download the app. Free 2-day shipping? Download the app. Brands with apps, take note.

Chubbies digital marketing

There are a couple of lessons Chubbies has taught us:

  1. Own your brand voice. Your target audience may not be remotely similar to what Chubbies is working with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be just as conversational. Set the boring, salesy content aside.
  2. Don’t limit your content to one platform. Embrace digital marketing! Go ahead and sprawl across the bed that is the digital world.

And here’s this, just because it’s pure gold.