The Pink Bride Experience

Removing the silos of creative content

We work hard for our clients to create content that can be used to tell their story on many digital platforms. When appropriate, we also develop print content and enjoy pulling down as many silos as we can so that each investment made has multiple uses.

Parachute goes to the Pink Bridal Show

Recently, we parachuted into the Nashville Pink Bridal Show to build social media content and traditional print advertising for Edley’s Bar-­B­-Que catering services.

We’ve been anticipating not only a successful outcome for Edley’s involvement, but also the experience and atmosphere of the convention. To gather pictures and videos of their booth, my Creative Coordinator Sam Frawley, and I packed up our gear and headed out to Nashville Music City Center.

Making our way through a crowd of anxious brides-to-be, we picked up our Pink Bride press ­passes and approached the bridal coliseum. With the flash of our passes, we were ushered into uncharted territory as two, single individuals.

An array of scents filled the air and promotional pieces lined the aisles, each stand wafting a different smell and evoking an inviting presence. Never before had I seen such a hodgepodge of wedding services, all beautifully packaged and prepared for the viewer. It was interesting to think that everything there was only available for a few hours, that there was only so much time to grab the attention and business of a bride­-to­-be.

With the show beginning in less than fifteen minutes, all the booth attendants were straightening their ties and waiting patiently for the wave. In a few short moments, the floodgates would open and a thousand people would fill the aisles. We quickly made our way to the Edley’s Bar­-B­-Que booth where we then began filming and taking pictures for the client.

After we completed our session, Sam and I walked around and experienced the rest of the show. The atmosphere was simply electric. You could see the excitement on every face. It was this tangible excitement that fueled the event, sparking the anticipation of marriage in the hearts of a thousand bride-­to-­be’s, and maybe a couple Paratroopers working as cameramen.

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