The More You Sell, The Less You Sell

Smart companies use social to turn customers into fans, and fans into volunteer marketers.

The More You Sell, The Less You Sell

They worry less about squeezing every nickel and click out of each tweet and status update.

The more you sell, the less you sell.

Among the disruptive characteristics that have altered the nature of business forever are real-time interaction, every customer being a reporter, and customer service is a spectator sport. The major way that social media changes the game is through the democratization of voices.

Your company needs to be human. You may use the pronoun “We” when referring to an institution even though it’s a single person speaking. It is, however, extremely important to indicate who the individuals are that are speaking on behalf of the institution.

People want to know if they’re hearing from an individual, even if it’s that individual speaking for many people or for the brand itself.

It can be a slippery slope, so keep your ice shoes on.