The 1 Trick You Haven’t Tried To Get Your Instagram Account Back

If you have ever had problems logging in to your Instagram account and feared the worst- I’ll have to start all over- you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

get your instagram account back

Have you called?

After all the obvious steps, don’t bother trying to find someone on LinkedIn or even try setting up a sales call with Facebook Advertising as a way to get an answer from a human being. It’s not going to happen. You can’t even act like you want to spend $1,000,000 a day to advertise on Instagram because there’s not an “advertise with us” form. You don’t go to Instagram. Instagram goes to you. So unless you’re Taylor Swift or Gary Vaynerchuk, good luck.

Before we get to the 1 trick that you haven’t tried to get an Instagram account back, let’s do a quick over view of the options.

  1. You can click “forgot” next to the password entry. This takes you to another screen where you can reset by using Facebook or reset by Username or Email. If you’re a brand page, Instagram will not recognize that you’re an admin of a page, only the personal Facebook account connected to your personal Instagram account.
  2. The next option is to reset by username or email. So what happens when you type in your account name or email address associated with the account and you’re not receiving an email? You have 3 options: 1. check your spam folder. 2. start a new account. 3. pour a tall glass of vodka and start a new account.


What if you’re so so so so soooo positive of the email address you used to create the account. I mean, you have notes on paper with the info, it’s in your project management tool on Basecamp, it’s in email correspondence with the client.

The trick that backfired!

Are you someone who manages a lot of Instagram accounts and you know this dirty little trick where you can place a “.” anywhere before the @ and Instagram recognizes it as a new user. ie You can set up multiple accounts all by using this series of email address: and so forth. Get it?

Let’s say you used for an account called @mylifeonig. Then you used for another account called @skeletonsinmycloset and that’s the account you’re trying to regain access to.

If you try to reset by typing in the email address associated with that account,, you’re NEVER GOING TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL. Again, it’s never going to happen. If you try to get a reset password email by typing in the account name, you’re not going to get one either. If you type in, you will get a password reset but it’s for the wrong account. It will be fore @mylifeonig. Still following?

The one trick that could SAVE your account

Here’s what you do. This is the 1 trick you haven’t tried yet to recover your Instagram account. If you set up your email via Google Business Manager or you just have a basic gmail account, create an alias. So for the example above, I’m going to log in as and create an alias as Send a test email to make sure it works. Now go back to Instagram and try to recover the account by sending an email. You’ll get an email and you can put the bottle of vodka and xanax down.

Instagram will usually reset your password if you use automation tools like Kicksta and your activity is exceeding the limit on Instagram which is 1000 likes, 250 comments, 300 follows and 200 unfollow actions per day. Make sure your settings are set to normal or slow speeds to avoid Instagram locking you out of your account.

Basically, you have nobody to blame but yourself for your troubles. To be safe, create a new email address for each account and save it in a place where you can always find it.

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