5 Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Tweet. Post. Sleep. Repeat.


photo credit: marketingland.com

People who eat, sleep, and breathe social media know firsthand how easy it is to let the daily grind muddle creativity, new ideas, and fresh content. Social media houses countless other accounts trying to do the same thing that you are – speak louder in a room full of noise. But how can you capitalize on social media’s tool box when your creativity has run dry? Look to other brands for inspiration.

Here’s a list of some of the best brands that you should be following on social media.

1. NBA – Twitter

Transparency is key to building lasting relationships, especially on social. The NBA strategically implemented a campaign to leverage its Instant Replay Center to keep fans informed during games. Fans can turn to Twitter to watch in real-time the same video clips that referees are watching to clarify calls.

2. GoPro – Instagram

When you think GoPro, you think epic adventure, and that’s exactly what its Instagram account conveys. The platform is perfect for displaying the incredible content captured by GoPro cameras to share the story of its community members’ lifestyles.

3. Jetsetter – Pinterest

If there’s one theme that touches all of the best social media strategies, it’s storytelling. When you’re in the travel-tourism industry, the best way to tell a story is to use visual images that evoke wanderlust. Jetsetter’s Pinterest account features thumb-stopping photos, organizes its pins by destination, and links back to specific hotel deals on its website.

4. Red Bull – Facebook

When a brand centers its identity around taking risks and living on the edge, its social content should tell the same story. Red Bull shares pictures and videos of people doing epic things to show what the brand stands for.

5. Forever 21 – Facebook

Relevancy is everything on social, and one way to make your content relevant is to make it timely. Forever 21 uses the back to school season to increase engagement on Facebook, resulting in over 1.6 million interactions in its back to school campaign in 2014. Creating content specific to a certain time of year makes your conversation more significant on social.