Company culture is important to us at Parachute Media. Social media marketing can quickly be a 24/7 grind instead of the creative fulfilling career opportunity that you envision. For this reason, we do our best to remind each other that there are important things that make up life. Work is just a part of it, not all of it.


image: creative commons

You may have heard this analogy before, but it’s worth revisiting. Picture four large glass containers. In one of them are large stones. In one are small stones. The third has sand, and the fourth is empty. The project: fill the fourth with all of the others. This filled container represents a full and productive life.

You must first put the important large stones in the container. The big important things like your family and the things that all the other things enrich. The small stones are next: they are your work, your hobbies, your things of the hand that make you a creatively fit person. Finally, the sand is poured in, filling all the cracks and nooks. To me, this represents the things of the soul, the inner sacred being. These are the things that make you complete and full only when the other things first have their room. I’m not sure if the stones and sand mean the same things to me as they do to you, but it is something that has helped me remember that it’s not just the fulfillment of one of the containers that I should be working on; rather, it is the journey of getting them to all fit together that is the task of living an artful life.

How are your sand and rocks measuring up?