Sam Frawley: Photographer and Graphic Designer

Sam is a brilliant photographer and graphic designer. For someone that came to Belmont thinking he wanted to go into business, he quickly heeded his calling into the creative world and has dominated (check him out on Instagram). Not only is he very good at product photography, video work, and various styles of graphic design projects, but he goes after every project with passion and positivity making him a team player and a pleasure to work with.

Sam Frawley Portrait

Sam Frawley joined the Parachute Media team in 2015 as an intern and was hired full-time after graduation. Sam can snap some amazing photos for a graphic design project and he also has an eye for interesting typography to go with it. He’s a powerhouse designer because he can do it all. As one paratrooper puts it, “Sam is a badass. He’s smart, funny, and diligent. Whether a photograph or a graphic layout, we always know his work will be incredible. His value to the creative team cannot be overstated. He also has a preternatural knowledge of all music, which helps make work more fun.”

His passion is not without its quirks, though. He admits, “I once went a whole year wearing only black and white as a fashion/life experiment. I called it Project Grayscale. It was partially out of convenience – everything in my wardrobe matched and partially as a challenge to see how long I could keep it going.” Pretty clever. In his attitude, fashion choices, and relationships with other paratroopers, he is truly authentic.

Quote about Sam Frawley

We asked Sam what he loves creating the most, and he responded by saying, “In my photography I feel most creatively fulfilled when I’m creating images with narrative and story in them. I want to encourage the viewer to wonder and think about what the image means. My portraits and photos don’t always have an explicit narrative but I want them to evoke a feeling, mood, or story just by looking at the image. I also have a very short attention span, and I always love to challenge myself to try new techniques by shooting with new people or in new locations.”

Quote about Sam Frawley

Let’s see Sam’s work

Client work can be frustrating. Creatives walk a fine line between giving the client what they asked for and following their creative spirit. At times, designers have to push back and tell clients that their idea won’t work, but they have to be ready to show them a killer idea in its place.

Quote about Sam Frawley

Sam is on-point when it comes to product photography for our clients. One of the main do’s regarding social media is to have amazing images of your product, and Sam routinely delivers for brands like Nut Butter Nation, Edley’s and Camping With Dogs.

Nut Butter Nation product photography

Nut Butter Nation product photography

Edley's product photography

Camping With Dogs product photography

His work for clients like Bart Durham Injury Law, Merrell, iFetch, and UMG Nashville have won ADDY Awards in 2017! There is fierce competition for these awards, and we are pumped that our work is recognized as “above the rest.” Sam was a huge part of this success.

Quote about Sam Frawley

Let’s learn more about Sam

Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heroes and why?
Sam: It’s weird to say but most of my heroes live in my phone. Most of the photographers and artists I am inspired by right now are people who post regularly on Instagram and are always pushing boundaries to explore new parts of the earth or capture images of people in new ways. I know these heroes by their Instagram handles and snapchat usernames. The internet has brought us closer to our “heroes” by making them more accessible through things like live streams, snapchat stories, and blog posts. I guess I didn’t exactly answer the question that was asked but here are a couple of my favorite Instagram photographers @chuck, @bleeblu, @ravivora, @sadsongsnskinnyjeans, @alessioalbi

Parachute Media: What is your favorite quote? OR Do you have a personal mission statement?
Sam: “Create more than you consume” – Being a part of the creative class is a blessing. I feel so lucky that I get to create on a daily basis and get paid for it.

Parachute Media: What is your grand, audacious goal?
Sam: To travel the world and make my camera pay for it.

Parachute Media: When you’re not at work, where will we find you and what will you be doing?
Sam: To stay sharp I try to set up a photoshoot every weekend. It’s kind of crazy how much of my time is spent on something related to photography these days especially considering that I didn’t own a camera when I started school at Belmont and was initially enrolled as a business major. A lot can change in 5 years. Other than photography my interests include cooking, thrifting, fashion, and biking.

Sam's freelance work

Sam's freelance work

Parachute Media: What two songs describe your life right now?
Sam: Music is a huge part of my life is it’s hard to narrow it down but 2 songs I’ve really been vibing with lately are Pain Told Love by Tribe Society and Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Sam: Probably Wes Anderson. His films are overflowing with outrageous attention to detail, quirky and authentic characters, unforgettable fashion, gorgeous sets, and unique cinematic style. He’s a genius and truly one of a kind.

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