Pinterest Problems?

Like everyone else on the World Wide Web, Pinterest users are searching everything under the sun at all times of day and night.

Whether it is wedding venue inspiration or healthy appetizers, Pinterest has ideas on anything anyone could ever need. In a recent Facebook Live video, Pinterest said the platform is meant to be used as a “tool to design your life” with “easy everyday ideas”.

These easy, everyday ideas are an easy, everyday way to reach multiple different markets for your brand.

So, let’s say you decide to start a Pinterest account for your brand. You choose the right Pinterest boards for your audience and you start pinning all of the things all of the time.

You get a board! And you get a board!

This is fabulous. You’ve started an account and you’re doing what you can with what the Pinterest world has to offer…but are you really? You may be re-pinning like crazy any old thing slightly relevant to your brand…But let’s get real. You can do more.

If you’re in the e-commerce business, you may think including the link in the pin copy and in the clickthrough may be good enough to drive traffic to your website. Little did you know Pinterest released a new feature for e-commerce profiles. These “Shop The Look” pins have little blue dots on the clothing items in the pin, allowing users to view the buyable item and similar items with prices, all within the app.


Nothing to purchase online? From Pinterest ads to original pins, the Pinterest platform brings much more to the table than many users realize.

Don’t have the money to put behind Pinterest ads? Ain’t no thang. Original pins are a great way to get the most out of the platform without spending any money. Vertical pins are an even more effective way to use original content to your highest advantage. They take up significant space in the feed and catch every user’s eye.Reliable replica Watch Review Replica Watches
So, you’ve pinned the vertical pins and it’s been a couple weeks and you still aren’t seeing results. Have no fear, we were in the same boat as you at one point in time. Each pin ages like a fine wine. They take their sweet time getting engagements and impressions, slowly, but surely working their way up the feed. With one particular client of ours it took six months for one pin to start gaining steam and work its way to the top of the Pinterest feed. But once it was there, the analytics just kept increasing.

Moral of the story, let your pins simmer. They won’t start out at the top of the feed and that’s okay. As long as you’re on brand and creative, your pins will surely be successful.

Overwhelmed by all the awesome features on Pinterest? Let us help!