Parachute Media Adds Kristin Burton to Account Team

We’re so excited to welcome Kristin Burton to our team at Parachute Media! With recent internships in email marketing and the music industry, Kristin’s go-getter attitude and hunger for learning new skills are perfect for her new Account Coordinator position.


“I love how digital marketers have the power to influence and connect with someone so quickly, no matter where they are the world. Some people say the digital world is dividing us apart, but I think that there are so many ways it brings us together.”

Outside of her time at the office, you can find Kristin Burton hustling in a workout class at Orangetheory or barre3, binge watching Hulu, curling up with a good book, or putting some ketchup on grilled cheese.


photo of Kristin Burton


What is something quirky about you?

My family will never understand why, but I put ketchup on my grilled cheese. I think it’s the most delicious thing in the world!

Oh, also I’m a total clutz. I fell and busted my lip the day before my preschool photos, have had stitches in my chin three times and fractured my wrist in the seventh grade from sliding on the floor in my socks. You really can’t take me anywhere.


In your work or creative process, what do you love creating the most?

Brainstorming with a team at the very beginning of a project or campaign is probably my favorite part. In this stage, there are no limits to ideas and everyone is encouraged to say everything that comes to mind, even if it sounds impossible. This is where I feel like I’m the most creative and get the most excited about starting something new.


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Who is one of your professional heros and why?

Sadie Lincoln, the co-founder and CEO of barre3. I’ve always loved group fitness classes, but when I discovered this barre studio in Nashville, I gained a new perspective. The class is not just about strengthening your body. It’s also about strengthening your mind and feeling empowered from within. Sadie found a way to tailor exercise to each individual person, whether it’s your first class or you’ve been a veteran for years. For the first time, I found a studio where I could focus on me, and not competing with others around me.


Do you have a personal mission statement?

Something my dad taught me growing up was that you have to work hard to go after something you want. Don’t make excuses and don’t blame others for your shortcomings. Simply work hard at what you love and accept the support of others. I would say this has become my personal mission statement as I’ve grown older and realized that if you keep pursuing what you want, no matter how many times you fail, it will happen for you at the time it’s meant to happen.


What is your grand, audacious goal?

I would love to take several months off from working to travel. I’ve been to very few places outside the U.S., and I think it’s so important to go beyond our comfort zones and immerse ourselves in a different culture. Prague, New Zealand and Japan are some of the places at the top of my list.


What’s the strategy behind your blog writing process?

In my opinion, blogging is the best way to connect with someone. It could be about teaching someone a new skill, giving advice or making someone laugh. In my blog writing process, I think about the person on the other side of the computer screen reading it and what they might interpret. I try not to be too formal and get straight to the point. I also find that there are certain times of day and moods that are best for writing.

No matter the topic, my goal is always for at least one person to find something in it they can relate to.


photo of Kristin Burton


What sparked your interest in digital marketing?

The digital world is everything when it comes to marketing. It can change someone’s perception of a brand in an instant. I love how we have the power to influence and connect with someone so quickly, no matter where they are the world. Some people say the digital world is dividing us apart, but I think that there are so many ways it brings us together.


If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan. I would love to hear his insights on what it truly takes to become a professional athlete, and how he keeps himself grounded amongst all the fame and critics.

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