Multicultural Landscaping

5 Tips on Crafting Multicultural Strategies

While doing some research for a client, I came across a post on Mashable about strategies to engage multicultural consumers on new media platforms. The author, Jessica Faye Carter, had some great ideas and insight.  Here are some highlights that I wanted to bring to you for consideration:

1. Include Multicultural Strategies in Your Larger Marketing Plan

Instead of developing multicultural social media campaigns on a one-off basis, make them part of your larger marketing strategy.

2. Engage Across the Cultural Landscape

It’s a good idea to expand your understanding of other cultures beyond language, music, and cuisine. Develop your niche cultural campaign knowing that there is a full cultural landscape from which you can draw inspiration and material for your social media site.

3. Celebrate Culture!

The celebration of the culture and diversity of multicultural communities should be central to your social media campaign. Don’t be afraid to highlight aspects of a particular group’s culture

4. Just Say “No” to Stereotyping

It’s common practice to “fill in the blanks” when you have an incomplete understanding of a subject, but when dealing with cultural issues, a lack of understanding can be disastrous. Avoid relying on stereotypes when developing your campaign.

5. Work the Networks

To get a better understanding of the communities you are trying to reach, visit social networking sites, micro-sites, or blogs geared toward multicultural groups. Spend time on larger sites like TheGrio.

Multicultural social media is more than just a passing fad — it’s an opportunity for companies and multicultural consumers to connect around ideas, products, and services. Companies are using niche cultural campaigns to increase their brand awareness among multicultural consumers — many of whom enjoy participating in these culturally relevant online experiences.

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