Mercedes-Benz goes next level with Instagram

There’s no doubt that Mercedes-Benz has incredible social media. Remember that one time they gave me a Starbucks coffee to go in the cup holder of my new ML350?

1-Mercedes on Instagram

Or that one time they joined Purina on National Take Your Pet To Work Day?

2-Mercedes on Instagram

Or that one time they let you “Build your own GLA?” (We’re still scratching our heads on how they pulled that off!)

3-Mercedes on Instagram
Mercedes Benz just did a really simple thing that blew our minds!

Simpsons brain explodevia GIPHY

They took the vertical facing Instagram platform and… turned it on its side!

4-Mercedes on Instagram

WHY HASN’T ANYONE THOUGHT OF THIS YET?! This is so simple, but such an effective way to tell your brand’s story. The visual images are incredible. Mercedes Benz @MBUSA_A_SCROLL_THROUGH_TIME takes you on a journey through their performance and luxury car history.

I love how Mercedes Benz took a real-life event and gave it some depth and personality through Instagram. I also love how they found a creative way to share their rich history by simply turning Instagram on its side. Yea, this probably took a ton of time and there’s no direct tie to physical car sales. That doesn’t matter. They are building a brand around lifestyle and experience, not just a physical product.

Sometimes the most simplistic things, like sharing a timeline on Instagram, create the biggest, most lasting impressions.