Meet Rachel: Treu to Form

Happiness oozes from Rachel.


From jamming at her desk to dancing up the stairs, fellow paratroopers agree that she is the most positive person in our office, possibly Nashville! And if you happen to run into her in the morning, you’d best be ready with your daily “happies & crappies!” She is constantly facing the good and the bad with a positive attitude and encouraging others to do the same.


Rachel Treu Wilson joined the Parachute team as a Social Media Coordinator in May of 2016. She’s creative, smart, organized….and positive! (Notice a trend here?)


The job of social media coordinator is not an easy one. One has to balance the daily grind of community management, creation of killer social content, scheduling said content, managing ad sets for clients, writing blogs for clients (like this blog about cats who would like to go camping!) as well as find time to write valuable and informative blog posts for Parachute (evergreen contentInstagram influencers, and nonprofit tips).

It’s a job that takes massive amounts of creativity and diligence to capture each client’s brand voice in a way that connects to their audiences and converts a community into customers. She does all of this very well.

See Rachel’s work

We asked Rachel what she loves creating the most. She says, “I love brainstorming big projects like photoshoots and ad campaigns. Getting a bunch of creative minds going all at once and coming up with big ideas gets me so excited!”

Clients like the PEDIGREE Foundation and Merrell are lucky to have Rachel creating amazing content. Here’s a taste:

Merrell Social Media content

Merrell Social Media content

Pedigree Foundation content

Rachel has a heart for nonprofits and the challenges they face. According to Rachel, nonprofits are “full of people who are hustling hard after things they are passionate about. It’s exhausting hard work! But the payoff–watching the world change and become just a little sweeter, better, and more whole–is totally worth it.”

When she’s not brainstorming or creating content, you’ll find her dancing or hanging out with her friends. She loves “playing trivia, kayaking, drinking Blue Moons at Double Dogs (let me tell you, their Blue Moon is superior to everyone else’s Blue Moon), potentially at the symphony, or making dinner with the pals.”


Let’s get to know Rachel a bit more:

Parachute Media: What is something quirky about you?

Rachel: I started ballet when I was four and have danced ever since. When no one else is in the stairwell in the office, I sometimes dance up the stairs. Not even kidding. Sometimes I even do it without even meaning to.

Parachute Media: What two songs describe your life right now?

Rachel: “Diamond Dreams” by Castro is the most perfect windows-rolled-down-driving-on-the-highway song. Since my car air conditioner doesn’t work, I do a lot of driving on the highway with my windows rolled down. So this song ends up being on repeat a lot.

On the TOTAL OPPOSITE SIDE OF THINGS: I love “Java Jive” by The Manhattan Transfer. I grew up listening to that while my mom drove us to and from swim lessons. So it’s nostalgic, but it also VERY accurately describes my life. I mean…the opening lyric is “I love coffee, I love tea.” Couldn’t be more on point.


Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heros and why?

Rachel: Joanna Wiebe, the founder of Copyhackers. She is so good at what she does. She is able to make her copy hilarious and feisty, while maintaining a voice of authority and helpfulness. She is copywriting #goals.

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Rachel: Oh MAN…You know, I think Julia Child would be a really fun Skype chat. I’m reading her autobiography right now and she’s a freaking hoot. But I also would really love to sit and listen to C.S. Lewis say wise things for an entire afternoon. I pick both of them. Julia Child and C.S. Lewis.


Parachute Media: What is your grand, audacious goal?

Rachel: I want to create performance art, whether that be music or theatre or dance, with people who share a passion for art and its power to bring people together. Have you ever felt a little lump in your throat during a play or a concert or while listening to someone play bagpipes? Those are the kind of experiences I want to create: raw, authentic, fun, moving, powerful. (I also would love to learn to play drums, so hopefully we can fit that into the grand scheme.)

We are thrilled to have such a smart and positive paratrooper on our team.

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