Matt McNeese Joins Parachute Media

Parachute is pleased to welcome Senior Digital Analyst, Matt McNeese.

Matt brings forward-thinking analytics, media strategy, and front-end design skills to the team.

He will play an integral part in creating dashboards that will assist with Parachute’s digital strategy. When it comes to data, Matt is passionate about creating something meaningful out of chaos. He believes analytics require a creative mindset in order to not lose sight of the final product.

Matt comes from an analytics and media background, and got his beginning in Chicago as an Assistant Media Planner. From Chicago, he moved to Nashville to support and create a more efficient analytics and reporting process at his previous position.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys hiking, hanging out with his friends and his fiancee, cooking, and reading. He also enjoys taking his black lab on runs and walks.

We’re thrilled to have you, Matt!

Dr. Matt Wall during the Hot Car PSA video shoot our team created for Evolve Pet Food.