Marketers Rejoice…Instagram Analytics Is on Its Way

Yay! Instagram analytics!


Big announcement from the good folks of Later (formerly Latergramme) this month: Instagram Analytics is on the way…….and it’s awesome.

Later reported that “New Instagram Business Profiles now show you the most popular times and days that your followers are on Instagram, along with follower demographics, post impressions, and more analytics.”

What does this update mean? Here are the features we’re excited about.

Follower Demographics

*marketers everywhere shed tears of joy*

This new section will give Instagram Business profiles access to follower location, gender, and age. These new analytics will be extremely helpful for segmenting audiences, creating more effective content, and turning your ad posts into dollars.

instagram analytics


Instagram Post Analytics

This new feature is named “Insights.” This feature is very similar to Facebook’s analytics, enabling users to access data on each Instagram post’s reach and impressions. This is beneficial for users to judge true engagement rather than likes or comments alone.

One of the other major installments within this section is the ability to see how many users clicked to your website. This new feature helps users accurately track traffic from Instagram on the front end, opposed to the back end with Google Analytics.


Follower Activity

This section of Instagram allows users to see when their followers are spending the most time on Instagram. This feature even allows you to sort through by the hour of the day and by days of the week as seen below. Users can maximize this tool and make better decisions on when they should post to get the most engagement.


The fact that Instagram is developing this kind of infrastructure should be very exciting for users who are trying to accurately and effectively deliver content for the most engagement. Up until this point, it has been a guessing game of analytics based on likes, comments, and engagement rate per post.

All of this has a similar feel to Facebook’s analytics, as many debate as the most powerful digital marketing platform. These improvements to Instagram should be seen as a great opportunity to learn more about each account’s audience in order to continue to grow each account’s brand.

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