James Vadnais: Cinematographer & Undercover Dork

Cinematographer. Graphic Designer. Talented. Undercover dork. Hilarious. Kind.

These are just a few words that fellow paratroopers use to describe James Andrew Vadnais. Parachute snagged James in September of 2015, and he’s made quite an impact. In the past year, we have witnessed his skills and confidence grow as he tackles new projects and gets killer results for our clients.

iFetch treat video

iFetch is a fun client to work on. We provide them with a certain amount of videos per month and this was one of James’ favorite videos we’ve done for them. It garnered over 104,000 views and 185 shares!

Visit Music City July 4th Let Freedom Ring!

Visit Music City needed a Geofilter for the famous Nashville July 4th celebration, Let Freedom Sing! According to Snapchat’s analytics, the Geofilter James created was used 7,420 times and viewed 346,876 times!

Nashville Geofilter

Magazine Ad for PEDIGREE Foundation

The PEDIGREE Foundation needed a magazine ad, and James was the one who created this amazing spread which ended up in Dogster.



Local Pet Market logo

James takes on clients outside of Parachute occasionally, like the Local Pet Market. They needed a logo that would translate across multiple branding efforts.

Local Pet Market LogoLocalPetMarket

James take the creative process seriously and has learned some lessons along the way. When starting a new project he says, “Start broad and just sketch. Don’t start too small. Throw it all on a page and see what sticks, even for video. From the concept, I think about how best to tell the story. Then, you can drill it down to something more concrete. Improv is a big thing. Be open to the chance that you might not get the perfect shot you envisioned, but the alternative might work better!”

We asked James what two songs describe his life right now.

Since we are in Music City, we’re not surprised that Letter to Me by Brad Paisley came up. James says, “Letter to Me is about reflection. Everything has a way of working itself out even though you might not see it right away.” And his second song? Stop this Train by John Mayer. “I’m super nostalgic. The song by John Mayer makes me think of the anticipation of what’s ahead. It can be a little overbearing,” James says.

What is James’ grand audacious goal?

He says, “To figure out my ultimate calling in life!” We’re thinking you’re on your way, James. In a city like Nashville where hard work and a bit of luck goes a long way, you’ve got the right mindset and talents to succeed in life!

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