How to Cut Down on Screen Time as a Social Media Employee

As a social media employee, we all know the common rule that “social media never stops.”

This means the screen time hours are adding up when we routinely check in on the performance of our client’s social media posts: Did they publish on time? Is the landing page link working correctly? And community management?There goes another hour or two!


At the end of the work day, the first thing we do is scroll through our personal social media pages, double-check that we didn’t miss an important text from a friend and maybe squeeze in an Instagram Story of our artisanal happy hour cocktails.

Spending uninterrupted hours on our phones is completely normal to us, and we’ve learned to not have a problem with it. Social media is what we live and breath- and if you’re reading this, then social media is probably your career, too. As a social media employee, chances are that you are an exception to the rules of average screen time.

In our office, we average:

  • A daily average of 4.75 screen time hours
  • A weekly average of 31 screen time hours

While we would say some of those hours are needed for regular client account maintenance, it’s obvious there is some screen time to cut!


Wait, no! Don’t destroy your phone!

See below for five easy ways to cut down on screen time, even if your career depends on it.

1 Make sure your screen time app is working and up to date… “Awareness is the greatest agent for change!

2 Set daily limits on your most used apps – Instagram, Facebook. Find a few tips here:

3 Schedule time for and away from the screen. And when it’s time to step away, set your phone to do not disturb and enjoy face-to-face conversations or catch up on those novels collecting dust.


4 Charge your phone overnight in a different room, and purchase a simple alarm clock if you rely on your phone’s alarm app.

5 Remove unnecessary notifications. Do you really need a notification from ESPN or Pinterest? Head over to your notification settings and Marie Kondo those alerts!



After working towards conquering these five steps, you’ll find a little more free time for your personal life and even more hours of productivity during work hours!

Two girls on their phone on the couch