Five Tips for Creating Better Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories only last 24 hours but they’re still worth your time. If you’re not creating Stories for your brand, you’re missing out on countless impressions, engagements, and even new followers.

Since introducing Stories in 2016, Instagram has continued to add features including text, emojis, geotags, stickers, filters, face filters, and now even AR filters. Confused about how to make use of it all? Here are five tips for creating better Instagram Stories for your brand.

Tell an actual story.

People can easily relate to, and follow, a carefully planned storyline. If you can tie your product into a plotted out Story, the viewer will be able to connect to your product on a personal level. Watch the video below of a set of Instagram Stories we created for Merrell. Learn more about storytelling here.

Be consistent.

If Instagram keeps one thing consistent about their algorithm, it’s that consistency is key. If you post Stories regularly, your followers will see them more regularly resulting in more impressions and higher brand recall. On top of that, Instagram might bless you with a feature on someone’s Explore page.

Try new things.

While bells and whistles can never replace a great story, they’re still shiny and fun and you should experiment with them. Custom branded AR filters require a little more effort than the cat ears face filter, but when created for a brand, they can make your products interactive, memorable, and shareable.

Capitalize on current events.

Question: Does your brand want to comment on a current event without letting it live forever as a feed post? Answer: Instagram Stories. Read more about creating timely content for your social channels here. 

Use a call to action.

To be unclear is to be unkind.

If you want your viewer to take action, tell them how: Swipe up to shop. Visit the link in our bio for more info. Take the quiz. Cast your vote. Contact us if you need help creating better Instagram Stories.