Facebook Retargeting: Startup Vitamins

Buyers get distracted. Use Facebook retargeting to bring them back!

This morning I was looking at buying a gift for a friend. I went to www.startupvitamins.com  because they’re a pretty good site to find unique items for any entrepreneur. I didn’t buy anything. I actually went over to Amazon.com to find the same item and then Groupon sucked me in…. you get the point. The path I went down is very common for casual internet surfers. I didn’t buy anything during my search. I went back to work but in the back of my mind I was still thinking that I needed to purchase a gift. Enter Facebook retargeting.


When I came back over to Facebook an hour later, look what popped up as a right hand side ad! No, Startup Vitamin, I did not buy the coffee mug although I really like it a lot! Thanks for asking! I did see this item and it crossed my mind. In fact, it’s crossed my mind for several months and it’s something I actually want for myself. I just get distracted each time I online shop.

That’s the point of these ads. People get distracted. The internet is very distracting. A consumer has the intent to purchase an item but they don’t. Good marketers understand this and know how to draw you back in.


Here’s how it works: Go into Facebook.com/ads/manage and click on Audiences on the left side bar. From here, we’re going to create a custom audience from your website traffic much like you can with email addresses.

You have a few different options when creating a custom audience from your website and I encourage you to try several different combinations until you find what works best for your business. This goes back to basic Metrics, Analysis, Action as described by Dennis Yu. What were your goals for this campaign, what do the numbers mean and what is a solution based on this data.


In this case, Startup Vitamin wants to retarget individuals that visit their website and have viewed this product. If you want to only target individuals that have visited a specific web page, make sure the URL targeting “is equal to.” You’ll also want to go ahead and do the same thing for any user that visits the website during a specific range of days. It’s good to have something to compare your data against. So if your goal is to sell more Get Shit Done Coffee Mugs, place this code into the pages you want to create an audience from and then test different types of creative against this audience to see which drives the type of actions you want.


Any business owner can do this and it literally takes less than 10 minutes. What brands have you noticed that target you once you visit their website?

PS. If you’re at Startup Vitamin and are reading this, I’d still like a coffee mug 😉