Facebook Messages for Brand Pages

Social Media is essentially one humongous customer service engine.

When building a community, people are going to have questions and you need to provide a timely response. We’ve noticed that if you are an admin on multiple pages and use Facebook Pages to manage them via your phone, receiving a notification like a message, every time it happens is impossible. With that said, sometimes messages go unnoticed for a few hours or even days.

Facebook recently made a move to keep Page Admins on their toes. In order to receive the responsiveness icon, you have to do the following:


Here’s what I don’t like about it.

If you are a brand like Paul Marcellini  (go check out his photography!) and have 21k Fans, responding to 100% of questions in under 10 minutes is really awesome. If I got a response back in 10 minutes from any brand, I would be excited! However, Facebook is not impressed. Can anyone find us a page that has the responsiveness icon turned on? We couldn’t find one!


Facebook knows that for some questions, you need to research first. [Maybe] an effort to let the fan know as quickly as possible that you are looking into the question is by offering “Saved Replies.” Saved replies are your standard, “Hi, thank you for reaching out. We’re going to look into this and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!” Kinda like screening calls on your iPhone with, “Can’t talk right now. What’s up?”


What do you think? Will allowing saved replies help your responsiveness? Or is it the notification mechanism that slows you down?