Facebook Fundamentals

When asked about my job, my least favorite question of all time is, “So, do you just sit around all day, playing on Facebook and posting things?”

*cue eye roll*


Sure, our jobs may involve a more enjoyable environment and more exciting aspects than most, but there is a lot more that goes into the process of “posting things”. Facebook content strategies are essential to accomplishing any goal. Whether you’re trying to gain more page likes or increase conversions, you need a set plan on how you’re going to do so.

At Parachute Media, we break up our content by three main categories: increasing brand awarenessengagement/involvement, and calls to action. Under each category we create multiple subcategories to post about for each with topics aligning with the brand and main category.

Increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is showing your audience who your brand really is. The goal of this category is to create a solid fan base. With these posts, you really want to establish your brand voice and show your target market what your brand stands for.

Facebook Fundamentals


These posts are meant for likes, shares, and comments. These posts are also on the lighter side of the spectrum. They could be anything from brand-related gifs to repurposing fan-generated content. These are most fan’s favorite kind of posts and they’ll show in your engagement and reach. They are eye catching and easy to interact with.

facebook fundamentals


Calls to action

Calls to action are the types of posts are going to be your more salesy posts asking your audience to buy a product, watch a video, enter a contest, fill out a form, make a donation, etc. These posts are tricky because you don’t want to bog down your audience with so many calls to action that they get annoyed with your posts. Using original video or picture with call to action posts are great ways to get more engagement with users.

Facebook Fundamentals

The most important thing to keep in mind when executing your Facebook content strategy is remaining consistent with your brand voice and deciding on appropriate percentage of content for each category.

Want to know more about our strategizing process? Tell us what is working for you!