Down the ‘Chute: Edley’s Bar-B-Que Chattanooga Opening Campaign

Edley’s Bar-B-Que is a Tribute to All Things Southern, and is widely respected as the best bar-b-que in Nashville.

But now that they are expanding outside of Nashville, how do we convince customers in new markets that they are the best new restaurant in town? Having a strong brand voice and identity is paramount to their success as a brand, and it’s our job as their agency to convey that to new customers. We effectively do this in new markets by creating relevant content and serving to audiences in an acquisition funnel over the course of ten weeks.


I had noticed I was being served a lot of Canvas ads in Facebook, and that I was spending more time inside of these ads than other ads I had been served. Usually I was looking for hidden features, or busy swiping through the options. All of a sudden, it hit me: doing a Canvas ad that’s a full screen experience would be perfect for getting people to interact with the Edley’s menu in a new market.

In addition, we created a drone video to showcase Chattanooga’s culture. For Lexington’s opening, our founder, Ryan, decided to take drone footage of the area while visiting family. The video performed incredibly well, so we decided to replicate it for Chattanooga. Coming up with identifiable characteristics of the city to show how Edley’s integrates makes the restaurant feel like it’s always been there.


We had a concept of looking directly at a table from overhead, and swiping through to different food options to pick your favorite dish and learn more about a particular item. By adding a call to action “Swipe to look through, tap to make”, each dish clicked through to a Tasty-style video of how it’s made, or a blog post about that particular menu item.

As far as the drone video goes, we had to identify the remarkable aspects of their culture, and then translate that into video format. We chose things like “hiking”, or “choo choo’s”, since that’s a key part to the Chattanooga experience.


We created the Canvas ad by setting up a camera rig above a table and swapping menu items in, creating an “always changing” table. This created a seamless effect of being able to interact with the Edley’s menu and click through to Tasty-styled videos we had previously created.


For the drone video, our team left Nashville at 4:30 AM. Thankfully, I was still asleep. But, our videographers James and Adam trekked to make the early morning send off of the Chattanooga “Choo Choo”. They mapped out location by location, and pieced together the video one drone shot at a time.


Putting together the pieces of a Canvas ad is time consuming. If you’re a detail-oriented person, you would probably enjoy it, because it requires the creation of multiple ad layers and click through Canvas ads. For every Tasty video, I had to upload the video as a separate Canvas ad, and then have the “final” Canvas ad click through to that video for a full screen effect. While this is a pain, the final result was well worth it.

During the filming of the drone video, they were filming a historic steam train leaving Chattanooga. They were near power lines, and were instructed to not use the drone, so we had to film in a way to make the transition from drone to handheld camera feel natural. Luckily, our videographers are pros.


Via the usage of multiple creative concepts, the Tasty-styled videos, the Canvas ad, the drone video, and other blog content we created during the Chattanooga opening campaign, we generated authentic buzz and hype around the opening of their new location. Users on average stayed inside the Canvas Ad 6-7x longer than they would watch a single video. In addition, over the course of a ten week campaign, the average user in our target audiences saw our content more than 8 times. Talk about building awareness inside a specific market.

Want to learn more about opening campaigns or entering into a new market? We’d love to talk to you about our creative process and identifying the best ad strategy you can take. Email us today!