District 8 Metro Councilwoman joins Parachute Media, LLC

District 8 Metro Councilwoman joins Parachute Media, LLC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Parachute Media, LLC announces District 8 Metro Councilwoman Nancy VanReece as chief operating officer for the social media agency. VanReece will remain available for public speaking and private consultation at Carpe Diem Management, her social media strategy and training company.

VanReece, who has over thirty years experience in licensing, marketing and communications, first met Parachute Media’s President and CEO Ryan Carter in 2013 while she was Senior Social Media Strategist at the Nashville Symphony. The two have shared clients during the start up’s first two years in Nashville.

Excited about the team’s new addition, Carter said, “I first knew that Nancy and I would do business together when her phone rang, and it was the same ringtone as mine: Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five.’ That was two years ago and since then we have worked on multiple projects together. I have big plans for the years to come, and Nancy is an important piece of our company’s success.”

VanReece will be joining the staff of five at their new 1,500 square foot office in the historic Acuff-Rose building in Berry Hill with the Parachute Media, LLC team.

“I am thrilled to be able to work with Ryan on achieving his ambitious vision for intelligent online communication strategies,” said VanReece. “I will be working both in Berry Hill and from my home office in Madison, allowing me to remain easily available to my constituents.”

January 2, 2016 update: the offices have moved into East Nashville. Parachute Media has doubled their footprint and secured their own building in less than three months.


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