Designing with Mobile in Mind: Instant Experiences

Designing with mobile in mind is a necessity when it comes to website design, but in this day in age, it is also vital when designing for social channels. Follow along with this blog series as we dive into our best practices for Designing with Mobile in Mind. First up: Instant Experiences.

When designing content for social media audiences, it is important to think of two things: Where the viewer sees the content and the behavior of those viewers. From 2012 to 2018, the total daily amount of time spent on a mobile device in the US by adults jumped from 88 to 203 minutes a day. This stat shows how important the mobile consumer is in the process of creating content for our clients. This blog focuses specifically on appealing to the mobile consumer via Facebook’s Instant Experience ads. Creating Instant Experience ads is one way our team uses dynamic design to create an intriguing mobile experience for our clients’ consumers.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads

We can almost guarantee that an Instant Experience ad has populated in your Facebook feed. If not, you probably don’t have Facebook… or you’ve been living under a rock. At Parachute Media, we design detailed, strategy-oriented Instant Experiences for our clients. 

The goal is to first grab the viewer’s attention with an Instant Experience ad. Then, once the viewer opens the Instant Experience, they read the tailored information crafted specifically for them. Lastly, to either learn more or purchase the product being displayed, the viewer clicks on the call to action. This type of ad displays a variety of product-based content in one single ad, from an attention-grabbing product animation to lifestyle photos in a carousel fashion.

Instant Experiences are best suited for a product or service that has multiple physical and/or technology features. The ad also creates a bright and colorful space for a product with several color options that grabs the viewer’s attention.

Hush Puppies’ Bailey Chukka boot

The feature image shows six images of phones with screenshots of Hush Puppies’ Bailey Chukka Boot Instant Experience ad. The first phone shows a lot of different color options of the shoes with text “Brighten Up” beneath all of the shoes. The second phone shows the text “Life is better in color. 21 curated colors to pop your personal style” with a blue background and a hand holding a purple colorway of the boot. Beneath that is a call to action button that reads “swipe to see more.” The third phone shows first a royal blue colorway of the shoe with an image of a girl as the background with the same royal blue eyeshadow on. Beneath that is an image of two legs wearing the purple colorway of the shoe with the text “Brighten up your” above the image. The fourth phone shows the text “21 fun colors” on top of an image with a baby blue background and a hand holding the baby blue colorway of the shoe. The nails of the hand holding the shoe are painted baby blue. The text underneath the shoe reads “The Bailey Chukka Boot.” Beneath that is the text “which color compliments your style?” on top of a photo that has some of the shoes in it. The fifth phone shows the same baby blue image as above, with another picture of a variety of colors of the boot that has text that reads “tap to take the quiz.” Then, there is a call to action button that reads “tap to take the quiz.” The last phone shows the landing page to take the quiz. The page shows an image of all of the colors of the boot and reads “Quiz - find your true hue.”We designed an Instant Experience ad for Hush Puppies’ Bailey Chukka boot with the framework pictured here. The first video seen by the consumer on their feed is an eye-catching video that shows all of the different colors available in an interesting way. Once the consumer opens the ad, a full-screen, bright photo of the shoe pops up with the tagline. Then, a call to action drives users to continue scrolling for more, followed by a couple more dynamic animations of the brightly-colored shoes. Following that, a carousel of 2 images makes the consumer excited to take a quiz to find out which color of the shoe fits his or her personality best. At the end of the ad, a call to action invites consumers to click and take the quiz. 

The Hush Puppies ad is a great example of how to design an Instant Experience ad that displays assets to attract the consumer and keep them engaged. Watch the video below to see how the ad turned out on the mobile platform!

Success with Instant Experiences

The Hush Puppies Instant Experience ad reached more than 743,000 consumers and garnered nearly 1 million Impressions. 64% of people that clicked into the Instant Experience were directed to the landing page from Facebook or Instagram stories. The ad had an Above Average ranking in Quality, Engagement, and Conversion Rate. Read more about our successful Instant Experience ad for Edley’s Bar-B-Que here!

Overall, Instant Experience ads are a great way to reconfigure and display “too much” content in an intriguing and informative way. Our favorite feature of the Instant Experiences is that you have maximum control of the pieces you choose to design for the ad. 

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this series: Designing with Mobile in Mind.

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