A Brief Introduction to Crushing It With Your Copywriting

What is copywriting? More specifically, what is good copywriting?


Good copywriting isn’t just coming up with punderful phrases and artfully articulated alliterations. You can be the wittiest writer to ever live and still suck at writing copy. (You won’t be after you read this blog post, though, so no worries.)

Copy isn’t the same as content. Content is anything that informs or entertains your readers. Copy has exactly one job: to convert. If your copy isn’t converting, you’re doing it wrong. But if you’re doing it right, your copy could get results like this:



But it’s not just about those dollar bills. A conversion can be a link click, a download, a sale…any action you are asking someone to take.

Basically, if you need to get someone to do something, you can bust out some killer copy and the chances of a successful conversion will skyrocket. I promise.


When you write copy, remember that everyone likes it when things are about them.

Use that to your advantage! This is a very important fact to keep in mind: it ain’t about you.

Every word you put on social media is part of a story you are crafting about your brand. But that story isn’t about you. It’s about your customer.

Indulge the mindset people have that the world revolves around them. You and your brand are here to make the consumer’s life better. Make the consumer the hero of the story you are telling on social media.

“BUT WAIT,” (you say) “If the consumer is the hero, how do I fit in??”

You are the person who gets the hero from point A to point B.

You are the guide.


Yes, indeed. Your role in the epic online tale of your brand is Yoda.

What did Yoda do for Luke (the hero) in the Star Wars series? He showed Luke the path to a better, more fulfilling, more exciting life.

Which is what you can do for your audience.

When people make purchases, they are buying happiness, a better version of themselves, an enhanced, enriched life. How can your product help them get there? That’s what you’re selling in every value proposition you present.

While your goal is to get the click, the best way to do that is by selling your reader on the idea that whatever you’re asking them to do will make their lives better.


People make decisions based on emotion, not logic.

This is a science thing. So make them FEEL things with your copy. No one wants to be sold to. What they do want is to feel like you have their best interests at heart.

Create a voice that is relatable, casual, and trustworthy. If people like you, they will buy what you are selling (literally). Make sure your voice feel authentic, not forced.

“Okay,” (you may be thinking) “that’s all fine and good. But HOW DO I DO IT?”

I hear ya. We can talk theory all day long, but how do you ensure that you will kill it at copy consistently?


I have a secret weapon to help you get started.

It’s a formula beloved by marketers the world ‘round. We love it because it works. No matter how long (or short) your copy is, you can use this formula. It’s called AIDA.







(Tell me you don’t want some sick wool kicks now.)


To wrap it all up:

When you write copy, remember that your customer is the hero. Your job is to Yoda the crap out of your reader and point them in the direction of happiness, a more fulfilled life, and their ideal version of themselves (which they can have by using your product–heyo).

Use formulas like AIDA  to help you consistently create killer copy that converts. Just because you’re having an uninspiring day doesn’t mean you can’t crush the copy game!

P.S. A brief note on button copy…make those words work HARD for you. Here’s how: If you can customize button copy (like in an email or on your website), do it. Remind your reader of the value of clicking the button. What *exactly* will they get by clicking? What is the benefit?

A button that says “Get 15% off these awesome shoes” is more convincing than a boring “Shop now” button. Don’t underestimate the last-minute power of strong button copy!

P.P.S. Have more questions? Want to chat about hiring a team of copywriters to work for you? We’d love to hear from you!