Creative in the Time of Quarantine to Keep Your Goals on Track


Faced with the inability to execute our planned content due to safer-at-home orders, our team went to work. Our creatives found ways to help our brands without being able to execute on a bigger scale. We helped our clients maintain their long-term goals and serve their needs presented by the shutdowns. Parachute developed creative strategies that included: repurposing content, pivoting to animation, and digging into interactive content.

Repurposing Creative

We pride ourselves in our expertise in this area, so this one was a breeze. We routinely help clients adapt creative intended for other purposes to a variety of social executions. Our clients rely on us to transform long-form storytelling into small digestible feed posts, like Merrell. We also turn that same content into engaging interactive IG stories. This is essential because it helps you use the same creative to reach a broader audience.

Under quarantine, we actually pulled off the reverse as well. We took a series of short content pieces and transformed them into a longer brand film. This allowed our client to execute a key creative initiative without having to pick up a camera.

Pivot Creative to Graphics and Animation


The social distancing measures presented us with an opportunity because they threw a wrench into our operational norms. We love a good challenge and we set out to convert some of our planned projects to graphics and animation. This is freeing in some ways because animation and graphics communicate information in innumerable fun, colorful ways.

We created simple graphics to help restaurants get the word out about their continued services. Our team animated dog treats photos into colorful and informative videos. We also converted some larger projects to animation to help a client reach new students in the education space. This creative approach catches the eye because it allows the audience to fully engage their imaginations.

Interactive Creative Content

A graphic visualizing the layout of a National Parks Instagram Story trivia project. It features seven screengrabs of Kenai Fjordes National Park with three question slides and three slides with fun facts about the park.Interactive content can be simple or a bit more complex. For some activations, you only need images and text. You just put a question on top of an image and you let the audience do the rest. For others, you need certain skills because they require advanced technology. These include branded stickers and augmented reality filters.

On the simple side, we created one activation for Triumph Pet Food that tapped into the Tiger King phenomenon. The audience used our graphic to create their own animal-themed show and engagement spiked. For Merrell, we created a week-long series of quizzes and information slides to celebrate National Park Week. This drove interaction because it aligned with their audience’s interests.

On the more complex side, we crafted an AR filter for Evolve that finds your inner dog breed. We coupled the filter with a dog-themed horoscope because we wanted to make it shareable. This project tapped into the brand personality in a fun way. The possibilities for interactive creative are limitless because of all the options. We’ve had a blast helping clients engage with new and established fans.

Making the Creative Adjustment

An image taken from over the shoulder of an employee while they work on an iPad drawing.Honestly, shelving our initial plans proved the hardest step. Once we accepted that those creative projects couldn’t happen in these conditions, we easily broke free. The energy that flowed out of our creatives as we brainstormed new ways to execute for our clients has been incredible. It just goes to show that with the right people on your team, you can adapt to any situation and execute for your client regardless of the needs.

Our team is ready to help you meet your marketing goals no matter the circumstances.