How To Craft An Engaging Instagram Story

One of the best ways to increase your impact on Instagram is through Instagram Stories.

Suspiciously similar to Snapchat’s story feature, an Instagram Story allows you to post short snippets of your daily life for others to view for 24 hours until it disappears into oblivion.

While it’s a useful tool, it can be tough to keep viewers’ attention.

holding iPhone with Instagram opened

If you’re looking to craft a story that will attract eyeballs, this is for you.

Tell A Story

You’d think it’s obvious, but the best way to utilize this feature is to actually tell a story. Before posting to your Instagram Story, think about what it will look like if somebody watches the whole thing from beginning to end. Does each post make you want to see what’s next? Does it flow in a way that makes sense? Are there random clips that don’t fit? The idea is to use clips that work well together in an entertaining way to get a point across.

two girls taking selfie with phoneUse the selfie mode of your camera to show off where you are on your vacation. Feature your avocado toast as the starting point for a day in the life of you. Narrate a tutorial that shows your followers how you edit your photos. There are endless ways to tell your day’s story.

Use a Variety of Shots

The quickest way to lose someone’s attention is to use the same exact point of view for each clip.

Switch Kodiak The Aussie runningit up!

Shoot from above, shoot from below, shoot through windows, shoot from far away, shoot from close up, etc, etc. Think about the movies and TV shows you watch. The perspective of the camera drastically effects how interesting the shot is.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts that utilizes this idea is @KodiakTheAussie. Every day I’m blown away by the low panning shots of Kodi, the Australian shepherd, running around with his buddies. The low point of view and sweeping motion puts you at eye level with the dogs and brings you right into the action!

Focus On Video

iPhone taking focusWhile you’re experimenting with different types of shots, use video as much as possible. Photos typically perform better as posts, not stories. If inserted into the middle of a video, a still photo could slow the momentum of the story. Feel free to mess around with timelapses and Boomerangs to get different kinds of video clips.

Captions Are Key

If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that the caption is often just as important as an appealing photo or video. With a clever caption, you say what the post itself doesn’ and crying emojis

Use the text tool in your Instagram Story to give the video context, make an epic pun, or urge the viewer that the best part comes at the end.

Another great way to use this feature is to take advantage of emojis. By including a face, you can tell the viewer how they should be feeling as they’re watching the clip. For example, in this clip you can almost feel this guy’s pain as he’s getting into his hot car thanks to those poor little emojis. Sidenote: always wear a seatbelt.

Evoke Interaction

pushing button on iPhoneWe all know Instagram is a great marketing tool, so don’t be afraid to use it as one! That’s right, include a call to action. Use a piece of your story to engage by encouraging interaction. Ask questions, invite them to visit your website, or request recommendations. It’s called social media for a reason. Be social!

What are your favorite ways to make Instagram Stories interesting?