Cool down to Gear up

We had a high growth period at Parachute Media in the last quarter of 2015.

Cool down to Gear up

We are pleased that the great results we have achieved with our strategic micro marketing has increased customer confidence so rapidly!

As we begin the new year in our new building in East Nashville, a giant deep breath was needed. The holiday break provided a bit of that while we moved.

After a high-stress period of time, it is healthy to have a cooling-down period. I have learned that it’s not good to stop suddenly, you have to keep walking to avoid a muscle cramp. (read breakdown)

Have you come off a project lately that you needed to process before you moved on?  Do you do that with every project or just “the big ones”?

I tend to keep the heart rate (read schedule of activities) up too long and can crash into a burn out mode if not careful.  To avoid burn out or emotional muscle burn I decided to issue a cooling down period for myself.

It seems to have worked. In the last week I’ve been able to rest on what I’ve learned but move forward with new plans and vision without a sudden stop and crash.

What do you do to cool down?