Comparing Snapchat to Instagram Stories

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories

A tale as old as time…or as old as August 2016, when Instagram launched their Stories feature. In the ever-evolving world of social media, it is crucial to keep up with the trends and habits of your consumers. Snapchat’s biggest advantage was in offering consumers exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the world of a brand

It was perfect for secret discount codes, contests, teaser clips, and covering large events without bogging down a social feed with post after post. Snapchat was completely different than any other platform at the time and it was fabulous.

*cue Instagram stories*

Literally the same exact concept of disappearing photos and video clips, just on a pre-existing platform and not as great. But, as the feature has progressed, it is certainly giving Snapchat a run for it’s money.

But like, what’s the point?

Is there anything better than exclusivity? We think not (and so does every consumer). Over the years, social media has become an extremely polished art. Snapchat and Instagram Stories are the perfect channels for a raw, real-time look into your brand. Whether they are aware of it or not, people love feeling special.

When brands post content exclusively to Snapchat/Instagram Stories, it makes people feel cooler than Oprah in these fabulous sunnies.

Stories or Snaps

Technically you can have both, but that isn’t the point here.

If your brand has an existing Snapchat account with a decent following, keep doin’ your thang! Clearly your consumers are loving what you’re doing and you’re doing it well. Don’t have an existing Snapchat account? In my humble opinion, don’t bother. With Instagram stories progressing quicker with each app update, why try to build a completely new following on a separate platform when you have one established already? Work smarter, folks.

Another superb feature of both apps is the upload option. With both Instagram Stories and Snapchat you can upload clips or photos from your camera roll to the channel. The only downside? With Snapchat it shows up in a lesser quality snap with a white border and a timestamp from when you took the photo (pictured below).

With Instagram Stories, the media appears just as if you were to have taken it within the app. So, say you aren’t actually at an event but have someone from your team covering it. If you’re using Instagram Stories, no one will ever know it was uploaded.

Pro-tips, Shmo-tips

In a social media world that isn’t always an accurate representation of reality,  stories and snaps are meant to be candid – it’s what makes them ~*cool*~.  Don’t worry about your stories or snaps being absolutely 100% perfect all of the time. Grammatical errors are to be avoided obviously, but other than that be real. Show the raw, authentic side of your brand.

Another great thing about Instagram Stories? BOOMERANGS!! Is there anything cooler (or trendier) than a boomerang right now? You love them, I love them, the people love them. Give the people what they want, like these amazing boomerangs of Lauren Alaina rockin’ it out.

Don’t get me wrong, as a millennial, Snapchat is by far my favorite platform to ever exist. It’s fun, candid, the filters cover up my unruly hair, and my mom doesn’t have it or want it. Whereas Instagram is the cat’s pajamas for everyone nowadays. Both are great. Bottom line? Build upon your current Instagram momentum with Instagram Stories. Your consumers will love it and you can thank us later.