Canvas: A Revolution in Seamless Digital Storytelling

Canvas is Facebook’s newest feature that makes for an immersive storytelling experience.

As all social media marketers know, Facebook is constantly changing. It’s often a struggle to keep up with all the new updates, but patience never seems to wear thin and we accommodate as needed, knowing that change is a necessary evil. This time, however, Facebook has introduced a change that is undeniably exciting: Canvas.

Thus we find ourselves sorting through the tutorial and brainstorming ways to make this new feature a win for our brands. Our creative process at Parachute Media is meticulous at best. Many integral steps come into play and questions arise as we begin to develop a strategy that most effectively tells a brand’s story. We face three primary components at the brink of our creative surge: opportunity, problem, and solution. Upon mapping out what lies in each, we jump into the process of creation.

The Opportunity

What lies in this very first attempt at Facebook’s newest feature? The opportunity to explore new ways of storytelling. This full-screen interactive mobile feature provides us with the ability to create eye-catching content beyond the realm of text, image, and video. With a collection of visually-appealing content to choose from, we were able to determine which pieces tied well together to create a seamless cascade of images, video, and carousel content, presented with the tilt shift feature reminiscent of Facebook 360 videos.

The Problem

The opportunity is right in front of us, but what’s the objective? Every brand has one, whether that be promotion, showcase, or request. The problem is knowing how to effectively market that objective through your messaging to drive the results you want. With Canvas, we have the ability to create an immersive and convincing experience for viewers, so the messaging has to be clear and vibrant.

The Solution

We know the brands we work with to their very core. We already know their story, so telling it through Canvas is easy. With our first Canvas, our objective was simple: to show what the brand offers. We showcased images and videos that perfectly highlight the brand, accompanied with bold text that brought the images and videos to literary life. The order of content types followed a simple “who,” “what,” and “why” scheme, followed by several tabbed options that allow users to further explore. It was an impeccably brief and vibrant rendition of the brand.

Facebook’s commitment to enhancing the mobile content recipe will always be welcomed. This new feature’s seamless design and lively experience introduces your brand to a new way of marketing to an audience.

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