Business Problems….Comcast

For those of you who run a business, the access to high speed internet is extremely important. If you have followed some of my recent rants on Facebook, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of anything Comcast does. I’ll save you from reading long winded hate mail…my frustrations about Comcast can be summed up here:

Over a month ago I upgraded to Comcast Blast where I could receive 50mbps download speed. At the end of the month I noticed that I really didn’t see a difference. I used both and I was pretty shocked to see that I was barely getting 20 mbps!

At the end of the month, I received some marketing from Comcast featuring their X1 package. It’s actually a good deal. $100/month for their Xfinity X1 TV package and X1 high speed internet at 105mbps download speed.

This morning I’m trying to edit the last bit of video for a client and my internet is crawling. I use the speed test again and these were my results:



Fulfilling a Promise

Nancy VanReece of Carpe Diem Management says, “Companies succeed online by fulfilling their promises” Comcast obviously has an issue with this. If I’m paying for 105mpbs, I really want to get close to that. In fact, after speaking to a Comcast supervisor, he admitted their best modem won’t perform much over 30mpbs….something they should probably tell you when you sign up for their services!!!

Long story short, I’m purchasing a router and will attempt this all over again and will update my results. I wonder how many people out there are paying for Comcast Blast (50mpbs) or X1 (105mbps) and never know that their download speeds aren’t even half of what they should be getting? I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Test your internet. If you’re not getting 70-80% of your download speed through a Comcast modem, you need to call and see what the issue is. Pay for the service you’re actually receiving. Not the service you think you are.