Brittany Darling: Blogging and SEO Expert

There’s a reason why Brittany Darling is called the blogging queen of the office here at Parachute Media.

Parachute Media blogger Brittany Darling poses with her family.

Brittany Darling joined the Parachute team in February 2016 to take on the blog writing for our clients. However, her background in finance quickly proved beneficial for the office – her knack for crunching numbers and finding trends lead her to take on more SEO work. “Digital marketing as an industry is extremely data-driven, and for someone like me who likes spreadsheets and being creative, it’s a perfect combination,” replied Brittany.

Working on every Parachute client is not for the faint of heart. To date, Brittany has written 166 blogs (and it hasn’t even been a full year yet!). Most of all, Brittany’s favorite part of her job is “to have a hand in creating the blog strategy for clients so that the content is purposeful and drives action.”

Not only does she have a hand in every Paratrooper’s client list, but her coworkers say that Brittany is an inspiration to all in the office.

Outside of the office, you can find Brittany in her bootcamp class cranking out some burpees, worshipping at Long Hollow Baptist, or hitting up Nashville to cheer on the Preds with her husband, Cory. More than likely, though, she’s exploring a new city or taking on an adventure with her two sons, Will (6) and Wyatt (3).

Parachute Media blogger Brittany Darling loves seeing the Preds play with her husband, Cory.

Let’s learn more about Brittany.

Parachute Media: What is something quirky about you?

Brittany: So, I love the number 3! I know it’s weird, but when I clap, it has to end on a multiple of three…the car volume has to be on a multiple of three. And I count stairs.

Parachute Media: What’s the strategy behind your blog writing process?

Brittany: First, it’s about the audience. What are they searching and what are they interested in? Next, it’s about the goals of the company. How do they want visitors to convert – sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, download an e-book? Third, it’s about the strategy. When the audience and the company goals connect, a strategy is born! Then, all that’s left is implementation and tracking. Writing for the web is FUN! I get to write light engaging content that visitors want more of whether it is about mortgages, puppies, or barbecue!

Parachute Media: What is your grand, audacious goal?

Brittany: My grand audacious goal is to own my own business whether that be a community office space in Hendersonville or a bowling alley (probably not). I want my two boys to see their mom both taking care of them and killing it in the business world.

Parachute Media: What is your personal mission statement?

Brittany: As a believer, Psalm 139:8 has been speaking to me lately. “Wherever I go, You are there.” So simple, so profound. The verse reminds me that in success and in failure, He is there.

Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heroes and why?

Brittany: Justin Foster is definitely a professional hero. He is a brand strategist and speaker based in Austin, TX, and we have been friends for years. He drives me to challenge myself creatively, professionally and personally. Some people seem to see your soul, he is one of those people for me.

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Brittany: This is a tough one. Besides Jesus (because that is a given), I would say Elvis Presley and Albert Einstein. They were both geniuses and trendsetters, but also failures that we can all learn from.

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