Breaking Down Snapchat Memories

Unless you’ve been absent from Snapchat in the past week, you’ve probably noticed a new button on the bottom of the home screen of the app.

Snapchat Memories

Welcome to Snapchat Memories.

Memories are a way to send previously saved Snapchats and pictures from your camera roll to your story or individual friends. Once inside Memories, you can search through your photos by date taken or by keywords.Searching by keywords is an especially unique feature. If you don’t want to spend time scrolling through your hundreds of saved snaps, you can type in any word ranging from “Paris” to “beach” to specific months or days of the week.

Once you select the memory you want to share, you can edit it just like a regular snap with filters, stickers, and text. The main difference is how they look when posted on a story. When sent to a friend, they are sent inside the chat feature as opposed to a regular time limited snapchat (Image A). When posted to Snapchat story, they appear framed by a translucent border (Image B). Underneath the username of who posted the story is how long ago the snap was taken.

Snapchat Memories    Snapchat Memories

Image A                                                    Image B

In addition to the camera roll, memories, and stories albums, there is a “My Eyes Only” album. You can store selected saved snapchats and pictures in this password protected album and no one but you has access to them. This way when you are scrolling through your memories album, you can avoid your friends seeing the 25 awkward mirror snaps you took that morning.

Snapchat Memories

In addition to being a super cool feature for your everyday snapper, Snapchat Memories is going to be a great resource for Snapchat for businesses to be able to post content for #ThrowbackThursday posts. Also, it will be useful for businesses to post snaps from events that they may not physically be in attendance for.

How will your brand utilize this recent update? Tell us in the comments below. And if you’re wondering why Snapchat is even a relevant business move for an overall digital marketing strategy, let’s chat.