Al Our Gal, AdWords Queen

Need your daily dose of sass and/or killer marketing strategy? Look no further than our gal, Alison Ross.


A snapshot of team member, Alison Ross, with her beloved dog, Annie.

She loves Lana Del Ray, tattoos and cats. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and she has the strongest lipstick game in the entire office, bar none.

Alison has become an integral part of our team in her first few months at Parachute. Her coworkers appreciate her for her smart and thoughtful insights. Whether in creative brainstorms, strategy sessions or feedback on individual projects, Alison’s voice is essential to making sure that Parachute is operating at its best.

Alison’s favorite part of the creative process is brainstorming the best ways to reach different types of people. According to her, ad buying isn’t one size fits all and half the fun is learning what makes people tick.

At Parachute Media, Alison has been a key player in writing proposals for potential new clients and brainstorming killer ad strategies. Her expertise in search engine marketing strategies, such as offering advice on AdWords campaigns, makes her invaluable.

Alison says she loves the psychology behind search engine marketing. There is a reason users search for certain keywords and what drives them to convert. Alison loves to uncover those layers and discover the driving factors behind leads and sales. It’s what makes her a boss marketer.

We are so glad to have this brilliant, creative, fabulous gal on our team!

Parachute Media: What is something quirky about you?

Alison: My first tattoo is actually a cattoo (a tattoo of my first born cat, Weetzie). I would 100% recommend getting your fur baby as your first tattoo.

Parachute Media: If you could Skype with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Alison: Lana Del Rey. She’s a goddess with the voice of an angel who writes modern day poetry. Plus, I’d love to show her the portrait tattoo I have of her on my leg and ask her to sing at my wedding (in a totally low key way).

Parachute Media: Who is one of your professional heroes and why?

Alison: Does my dad count? I’ve admired his work ethic for years. He single handedly changed the way his company does human resources, and I hope to one day make an impact the way my dad has.

Parachute Media: What is your grand, audacious goal?

Alison: Music and animals are my two passions, so the answer to this question is a two-parter: 1) I would love to own a music venue and do all of the booking, scheduling, and promotion for it. 2) When I’m much older, the ultimate dream would be to live off the beaten path, take in stray animals, care for them, and find them good homes.

Parachute Media: What is your favorite quote?

Alison:  “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel