10 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

Our team is on week three of social distancing and working from home.

We’re bringing you 10 tips straight from our team to help you elevate your productivity while being a new remote employee.

A photo of a gray coffee cup in focus at a desk. A laptop, burning candle, and window are out of focus.

Five comedic productivity tips for working from home:

  1. Perfect the “This phone call did not just wake me up, I have been awake for hours” voice.
  2. Spark your creativity by starting Happy Hour a liiiittle earlier than usual.
  3. Mute your audio on conference calls to avoid coworkers from hearing your loud snacking habits.
  4. If you like to stay active at the office, continue your walking meetings from home. Except, now your only coworker is your dog. But, the good news is that he loves walks.
  5. Schedule a hard stop time for your workday, and find a time to start catching up on all the trending television series, like “Ozark” or “Little Fires Everywhere,” maybe even “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” for spring cleaning tips.

Five professional productivity tips for working from home:

  1. Create daily to-do lists and deadlines to set expectations for yourself.
  2. Plan regular video calls to stay connected with coworkers and maintain a strong office culture.
  3. Establish a work/life balance by taking regular breaks, which can also increase productivity.
  4. Discover what times of the day are your productive periods, and align your day accordingly.
  5. Create a workspace free from distractions and noise.

Our team has continued to work hard, even while working from home! Take a peek at some of the larger projects we’ve been working on here, and reach out if there are any projects your team may need assistance with! We’re ready to collaborate during this time of uncertainty.