Dear Chuy’s,

You’ve created a loyal base of millions of customers. What you may not know is that 16 of your most diehard fans work and live in Nashville, TN.

At Parachute Media, we are huge supporters of your brand. From the witty t-shirts to the insatiable craving your Creamy Jalapeno dip creates, we see a company that knows what it’s doing.

Being rooted in social media marketing and best practices, we naturally follow brands like yours to keep up with what you’re doing on your social platforms and saw a potential opportunity.

We think we would work well together.



It takes a lot to open a new restaurant. Edley’s Bar-B-Que has been named Nashville’s Best Barbecue four years in a row by the Nashville Scene. However, when they wanted to open a new restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky (a state they had no restaurants or brand awareness in), we had to come up with a way to effectively engage and excite users starting from scratch.

Project Overview

A new market means a new strategy. While the audience funnel interacts the same way, the way we communicate to users varies by location. For instance, Lexington is home to the University of Kentucky and is filled to the brim with state culture and pride. Integrating Edley’s brand into Lexington’s community means creating a unique messaging strategy.

KPI’s Vary By Market Launch – In addition, while launching a new location, it’s important to determine what your key pain points are for a new location opening, and what determines success for the opening as well. For Edley’s we identified the following KPI’s as indicators of success.

February 2017
  • 01
    BRAND AWARENESS 02/20/2017

    01 02/20/2017 - Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness campaigns begin with engaging users, and ends with converting them into loyal fans. The process is different for every brand, but with the tools and resources at our disposal, Parachute Media can help make your next campaign the most successful campaign you’ve run to date.

    Example post:


    • 361,831 impressions over 10 weeks.
    • The average user saw our content 5.57 times during the campaign.
    • For every 1,000 impressions, we spent $4.75.
    • Every $1 spent, we had over 210 impressions.

  • 02
    ENGAGEMENT 03/13/2017

    02 03/13/2017 - Engagement

    Engagement campaigns involve requiring the users to make moderate intentional efforts to interact with your brand. A lot of these campaigns involve blog content, or posts where the user is asked to comment or deliver feedback. In the case of Lexington, users were encouraged to read relevant blog content about the Edley’s brand.

    Example post:


    • 30,640 users taking action
    • 1,049 post reactions, 196 post shares, 1,855 link clicks.
    • Content strategy began with Tasty-esque videos, then lead to light involvement such a blog articles, a drone video, and then to conversion.

  • 03
    FAN GROWTH 03/24/2017

    03 03/24/2017 - Fan Growth

    It’s important to gain email addresses and followers for your page. Gathering email addresses for specific email campaigns and retargeting purposes on Facebook is a useful tool.

    Example post:


    • 1,575 new fans over the course of the campaign.
    • For every $0.46 spent in build audience campaigns, we gained a fan.
    • For every $1.47 spent in total advertising, we gained a fan.

  • 04
    STAFFING 02/20/2017

    04 02/20/2017 - Staffing

    Another area we assisted Edley’s on is hiring their staff. We ran hiring ads on Facebook for management beginning in early February, and then hourly staff in late-March for an April opening date.

    Example post:



    • Segmented audiences: College Students, Food Industry Employees.
    • 893 link clicks over 6 weeks.
    • 8,468 users taking action.

01 02/20/201702 03/13/201703 03/24/201704 02/20/2017
April 2017

Key Takeaways

When opening a new location, there’s more that goes on besides running ads. Engaging users on a personal level and encouraging them to interact with your brand is one of many things Parachute Media does that other agencies don’t. We identified and engaged with influencers on a local level, hosted a live Q&A on Facebook about the new location, and helped create future creative assets for Edley’s to use specifically in their Lexington location. This is just one of the many ways our campaigns go the extra mile.


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but from our experience, they’re the decision makers for the stomach. Our agency has worked with popular Nashville restaurant brands throughout the years, and we have seen firsthand the impact that quality social content can have for those in the industry.


Parachute Media has worked with Edley’s Bar-B-Que since 2011, managing their social media channels as well as recently redesigning their website. In that time, our agency has assisted in the opening of 4 new locations, 2 of which were in different markets. We have also worked diligently to create an in-house collection of original content that highlights each item on their menu.

Through our team’s stunning photography and videography, we are able to visually convey the various menu items to the tens of thousands of users connected to the brand’s channels. By focusing on the development of high quality content, Edley’s social channels stand out from the competition in the local market.

In addition, this content, coupled with the brand’s strong online presence, has helped Edley’s develop a sphere of influence within Nashville. Not only are users quick to recommend Edley’s to someone seeking BBQ in Nashville, but partner brands have noticed a lift in post engagement when posting content related to Edley’s Bar-B-Que.

The Creative


In 2017, the Edley’s Bar-B-Que team sought to create another brand that brought the same quality of food to Nashville, with a different palate in mind. Thus began Pancho and Lefty’s Cantina, a restaurant focused bringing fresh ingredients, delicious tacos, and refreshing margaritas to Nashville residents and tourists.

Utilizing the same production style for the content our team created for Edley’s Bar-B-Que, we developed an arsenal of original content that showcased these menu items. These pieces were instrumental in the brand awareness phase of our social campaigns, as well as serving as wonderful content for our daily postings and special events.

Our team also focused on developing a brand voice that was unique to Pancho & Lefty’s. Instead of leaning on Southern hospitality and the frequent use of “y’all”, we developed an online persona that is snarky but loves a good time. To show off the playful side of the brand, we created a series of memes that featured original graphic design work and food-based puns.

The Creative

Designing content for consumption online is at the heart of what Parachute Media does.


That skillset also transfers to the retail world with our in-house brand Camping With Dogs, a lifestyle brand we started to put our social media strategies to the test.

We made this lifestyle brand profitable by selling retail merchandise online designed by our creative coordinators. In doing so, our team not only learns how to design for different mediums, but also learns about running a business.

To date, Camping With Dogs has sold over 12,000 units in 40 countries, all while existing without a physical storefront. Our brand’s marketing solely exists online, with advertising only occurring through Facebook and Instagram. We have crafted a combination of messaging and brand voice that resonates with our core audience to ensure brand loyalty, as well as creating repeat customers.


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