Parachute Media’s COVID-19 Best Practices

Parachute Media is a full-service creative agency located in Nashville, TN, specializing in social media storytelling, digital advertising, production, and content creation. We are motivated by this post-quarantine society and have always upheld our core values of “nimbleness” and “people-first.” We are quick to adapt our approach and able to deliver quality results on short notice while prioritizing the safety of our team members and those around us.

Now is the perfect time to collaborate. Partner with us and we’ll revamp the narrative based on our experience. For example, one manageable task that ensures both teams can form a creative plan that stays true to your brand’s concept is starting with pre-production earlier.

Please continue reading the following list to review how our team is prioritizing the safety of our employees, clients, and others around us. 


  • We provide hand sanitizer in multiple locations on-set and in-office. 
  • Sanitation will occur at the beginning of the shoot, mid-shoot, and post-shoot, along with any breaks in between.
  • Face masks will be required at all times on set for all team members. New face masks and gloves will be available for all on set. 


  • All departments will be required to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines. 
  • We limit crew size based on the size of the facility. 
  • Lunch breaks are scheduled in groups by department. 


  • Before production, all locations will be approved to incorporate social distancing protocol. 
  • Product-focused content is captured in Parachute Media’s small studio with essential personnel only. 

Talent / Hair & Make-Up

  • Talent will be required to wear a mask at all possible times. 
  • Hair & make-up personnel will wear a mask and change gloves between talent, practicing recommended distancing guidelines as much as possible. 
  • Hair & make-up personnel will sanitize the workspace and use disposable/one-use tools on talent. 


  • Equipment is only attended to by members of each department and their specified production assistant. 
  • Members from other departments will not be permitted to handle equipment outside of their department. 

Clients on Set 

  • Our goal is to make clients as comfortable as possible, and we provide clients with the same PPE opportunities as our team members. We encourage the use of remote capabilities when possible to provide the client with needed access.


  • While travel is crucial for many of our productions, our highest priority is the safety and well being of our crew and personnel. Our traveling teams adhere to PPE and social distancing guidelines throughout the production timeline. We are using smaller crews as well as remote team members to help minimize contact, allowing us to continue with high-quality and safe production. 

We look forward to partnering with you!